Feast of the Picturesque, Act X. Porto Ripetta, Tevere


Cinque Mostre Exhibit, Rome, Feburary-April 2016.

Mixed media model & 2-channel Film. (Bronz&e relief in collaboration with Anthony Baus)

The embankments in Rome constructed in the 1870s introduced a different kind of river and city edge; the only remnant of the “old” Tiber remains when we cross bridges, where we savor the long views, but it remains dislocated from a languishing public realm. Recovering the traditions of Rome in crafting elegant movement, physically, visually, and spiritually with a recuperation of the Picturesque ideas of mixture, power and wholeness, Feast of the Picturesque, Act X, placed at the end of an eon of Tevere “acts," is an animated architecture model stages a new and antique composition of space, time, movement, and making.