About LML

The Landscape Morphologies Lab (LML) is a collaborative research entity based within the University of Southern California Architecture School Landscape Architecture Graduate Department focused on exploring the intersection between landscape form and infrastructural performance. The lab is dedicated to developing the means to improve the design of multi-performative landscape infrastructures – both improving environmental resilience of our cities and providing a higher quality of life and well being for its residents, human or otherwise.

With the application of advanced design research and technologies the lab seeks “near adjacent” potentials of existing conditions – performative morphologies and interventions that are both transformative and readily obtainable. Projects range from broad topical research initiatives to specific project research and design studies.  While based in the USC Landscape Architecture Department the lab is essentially collaborative as it seeks to fold multiple performance aspects into landscape design. Collaborators include investigators from the Sci-Arc, Viterbi School of Engineering, USC School of Policy, Planning, and Development, USC Earth Sciences, LA Department of Water and Power, Army Corp of Engineering, the LA Bureau of Engineering, among others. 

The Landscape Morphologies Lab is a research entity associated with Alexander Robinson and University of Southern California. The lab provides a variety of landscape architecture design and planning research services, including:

  • Landscape and Infrastructure Design, Planning & Visioning
  • Advanced Modeling, Simulations, and System's Representation
  • Site Analysis, including Aesthetics, Viewshed Analysis, etc.
  • High-Performance Landscape Assessment,  Analysis, and Design

If you have a topic or project that fits within these parameters, please free to contact us to discuss whether there is a possible collaboration or service that we can provide. 


Personnel / Director
Alexander Robinson is Assistant Professor in the Masters of Landscape Architecture Program at University of Southern California. He has practiced widely in Los Angeles on a range of projects and scales. He is also the co-author of the book, Living Systems, Innovative Materials and Technologies in Landscape Architecture. He is also the principal of the landscape architecture and planning Office of Outdoor Research (oOR).

Alexander Robinson, Director
+1 747 234 8222