ARBOR Study Alt. 13 vs. 20: It's all about the River

For many (both human and animal residents) I believe the main difference between the Army Corp's ARBOR study alternative 13 vs. 20 would likely be the amount of the actual concrete river channel is modified and "restored". Alternative 13  improves about ~3.2 miles (29%) of the 11 mile reach, where as alternative 20 improves ~6.4 miles (58%). The unacceptable condition of the existing river channel is largely why this study has been initiated and alternative 20 is a  "best buy" option that improves more than half of this reach – twice as much as alternative 13. Improving the heart of the river, the channel itself, also has a substantial implications in terms of habitat connectivity (that are often hard to quantify vs. area calculations) and in terms of how people access and engage with the river restoration.

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KCET Departures Article: Councilmembers O'Farrell and Cedillo Rallies City in Support for Comprehensive Changes to L.A. River

"I'm not an ecologist. I'm a people person," said Alexander Robinson, director of the Landscape Morphologies Lab at the University of Southern California in a separate conversation. "But it's clear that we have to change the river itself, and we have to think about how that would affect generations of people who will live with the river and the ecological benefit of changing the river in the long-term. If we don't do this right, the river would continue to be this blight and that would be terrible."
Article by Carren Jao

LA River Exhibit Reception @ City Hall

We had a grand opening at the City Hall, including a great reception with the a multitude of fantastic speakers, including: Councilman Mitch O' Farrell who hosted the reception, ex-councilman Ed Reyes, Councilman Tom LaBonge, City Engineer Gary Lee Moore, Deborah Weintraub, Carol Armstrong, Director Bob Harris, USC Alumni Tina Chee, and myself with many other notable folks attending in the audience. The work in City Hall is up until Thursday next week. 

Article on exhibition @ USC News


Raked islands with software projection.

View with custom LML visual / analysis software.

View with custom LML visual / analysis software.